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Choosing a Better Web Hosting Service Provider

When it comes to WordPress optimization, speed always matters. You need to check and see whether you have hosted your website on a worthy hosting provider which has gained a positive reputation for website performance. You also need to look at the nature of the hosting plan you have opted for.


In case you are using any shared hosting services, it is critical to understand that your web page loading speed can be severely impacted. That is because there are many other websites on the same server you have used to host the website. If one or more of those websites extensively use server resources, your website loading speed can be impacted. Hence, it is better to buy a VPS hosting plan or a shared hosting plan.

Installing a WordPress Caching Plugin

You should essentially pick a proper caching plugin. Cache Plugins help you to cache your website based on caching rules. Ensure that you are using a caching plugin that uses an effective cashing mechanism, such as Varnish. Then you can quickly improve WordPress site performance and speed. There are numerous caching plugins available for individuals. Don’t get overwhelmed by the choices and roll using a reputed plugin such as W3 Total Cache.

Using a Lightweight WordPress Theme

The theme that you have on your website also impacts the loading speed. And it would help if you were careful to locate a lightweight WordPress theme and start using it. When you look at a theme, you will see that it comes with a large number of dynamic features, social icons, widgets, sliders, and other different elements. Some features will enhance the functionality of your website while making it more attractive for visitors. However, it is best if you also understand that they could impact the website’s loading speed. And that is the reason you should always pick a lightweight theme.

Reducing Image Sizes

Images are heavy in size and take time to load. You should always look at all the photos you have uploaded on the website. If the images are heavy in size, your website loading speed can be impacted. Hence, it would be best if you reduce the size.

Minifying JS and CSS files

Scan your website via the Google PageSpeed Insight Tool. And you will figure out whether you can speed up the website by minimizing the size of JS and CSS files. This is where you should reduce the total number of JS and CSS calls on the website. If you can do that, you can dramatically improve the speed of your website.

Using a CDN

Enable Gzip Compression

Cleanup WordPress Database

As you wonder how to make your WordPress site faster, you can also think about cleaning up the database. Once you look at the database, you will figure out that it is filled with lots of unwanted files. It would really help if you got rid of them. The key is to keep your WordPress database as lightweight as possible. This will assist you in reducing the overall size of the backups as well.

Some of the ways how you can clean up the database include deleting old drafts, removing fake user profiles, removing spam comments, and deleting the plugins that you don’t use anymore. Once you clean up the database, you can expect to see a significant improvement in the speed of your website.

So What Next?

Assuming that you are mulling over a versatile update and upgrade for your organization site, you will probably have to arrange with a certified web designer. Assuming you would like a correlative appraisal of your association’s site, reach us at Go Earners web utilizing the structure beneath. We are glad to give you suggestions and evaluations for transforming your site into a productive, present-day business instrument.

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